Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I vill crush you vith my tree-trunk legs!

OK, so whose bright idea was it to start a weight-loss challenge the same week that there would be hardcore PMS?! Oh yeah, that would be me-there's obviously something not right in my head (duh.) Actually, that's not too far off...with PMS came a cluster migraine and NO desire to exercise! On some days I barely had a desire to lift my head up, but I have 2 small kids to take care of so I sucked it up & got on with my day. We did manage to get started digging out our exercise equipment & I hope to be able to be using it by this weekend. We also did something I've been wanting to do for a while now: we made our hamburgers this weekend out of 1/2 ground beef & 1/2 ground turkey. They still had the beef taste to them, and I'm just not ready/willing to go the full turkeyburger route. Tonight, we made tacos & did the same thing, and honestly, I would never have known there was ground turkey in there if I hadn't cooked it. I've also been trying to make healthier choices in terms of my snacks-and actually remember to eat snacks, since I tend to get kinda' headachey & mean when I'm hungry. (Those of you who just said "How is that different from you any other time?" STFU.) I've been really good about drinking more water, but old habits die hard: We went to Steak 'n' Shake & when the waiter asked for our drinks, I automatically ordered a coke-even though that's not what I really wanted. Oh yeah, and drinking more water means I have to pee...A LOT! The last thing I started working with over the past week was portion sizes. This is something that has always confused me; for example, a serving of meat is supposed to be 2-3 oz or approx the size of a deck of cards. I *know* the servings of meat I eat are bigger than that, and certainly the servings of everything else I eat are bigger than they're supposed to be. So, this past week, instead of eating meals on a dinner plate, I used a lunch/salad plate. I thought that until I can figure out the correct (or closer to the correct) serving/portion sizes, at least this would help keep me from putting too much on the plate! Hubs & I are thinking about getting a digital kitchen scale if we can find one at a reasonable enough price.

So here's this week's picture. I wore tighter clothes this time so everyone could get a good look what I need to work on-especially my short, stumpy lil' tree-trunk legs. I should have rolled up my sleeves so you could see my flabby upper-arms, but you get the idea. I would actually be pretty happy if I lost some boob too...I know that's not what most women want to lose & is the 1st thing they usually do. However, I'm tired of hauling these things around. I lost A LOT of weight in college (went from sz 16 to sz 6) and didn't lose a bit of boob. Man, was I pissed! Anyway, my progress for last week: Lost 3 lbs, then gained 2, then lost 1-so, I guess we'll call it even at lost 2 lbs.


Larboz said...

ok #1... STFU? why start now :P
turkey burger.. get a lipton onion soup packet, little chedder cheese (low fat if you can) 2 tablespoons soy sauce.. some salt pepper and garlic powder...
basically turkey sliders.

try this as portion control.. use kids return trip.. and try to have 2/3 of plate as veggies or salad or whatever and then 1/3 with meat or fattening things.

we are still tryin to figure our pasta all the way.pasta bad.. but they tell you to eat it.

WickedSteppMom said...

I love veggies & salad, so that's not a problem...the problem is I love too many foods. I've been doing the no return trip w/the lunch sized plates (which are basically kid-sized.) I've been using whole-grain pastas, but figuring out the sauces & cheeses will be tough! I can do low-fat cheese, but not fat-free (that just tastes nasty!)

LisaUnfiltered said...

Great job this week! I don't have little plates, except the kids' plates... and they're friggin' small... but I've been using ground turkey for tacos and spaghetti for years now and don't ever notice anymore. Haven't been able to manage for burgers yet. It's gotta be beef for the burgers.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Good job!!

I find that portioning meat is a big challenge for me. In my family the meat is always the main part of the meal, but the portions are ridiculous.

Surprisingly I haven't lost a lot of boob either. I'm close to 40lbs lost and while I've lost 4.5" off my chest area, I think it's mostly from my back since my bra fits the same, especially in the cups. It's strange how people lose weight and where they lose it from.

Keep up the good work! I think you look awesome!!